Jump Starts

Roadside Solutions in Pingree Grove, IL, is your trusted ally when your vehicle battery lets you down. Whether you’ve accidentally left your car lights on, or your battery has drained due to extended radio use, our responsive and efficient jump start service has you covered.

Unlike many roadside assistance providers in Pingree Grove, we offer reliable jump start services for a broad range of vehicles, from light-duty cars, vans, and trucks, to heavy-duty vehicles like semi-trucks, box trucks, and farm equipment. Our technicians, armed with specialized portable jump starter equipment, ensure quick and safe jump starts, getting you back on the road as quickly as possible.

When you find yourself stranded without jumper cables, rely on Roadside Solutions. Not only can we give you a jump start, but we can also install a new battery on the spot if required. We’re committed to identifying and resolving your battery issues, testing your charging system to confirm if the battery is the problem.

You might wonder why your vehicle won’t start even after an attempted jump start. The issue could range from an internal battery problem, a blown fuse, ignition troubles, or simply not having enough power from the jump start source. Our team is well-equipped to handle these issues, ensuring you’re not kept off the road for long.